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Joseph Federico at NJMET

Professionally, Joseph Federico’s guidance and stewardship of the New Jersey based company his father co-founded has established NJMET as a pioneer in the electronic and industrial sectors. As a Test Engineering Manager at NJMET in the 1980’s, Joseph Federico’s research into setting up a high reliability test department helped attract the attention of several giants in the military and aerospace industries. Soon afterward, such prestigious companies as Honeywell International Inc., Lockheed Martin Corporation, The Boeing Company, and the former British Aerospace lined up to work with NJMET.  See NJMET's website by clicking HERE.

Joseph Federico’s research into counterfeit component distribution garnered attention from the global electronic community. In 2006, Joseph Federico designed Mission Imposter(R), the world’s first counterfeit detection program. Since then, Joseph Federico has conducted lectures and symposiums to educate thousands of electronic distributors worldwide. The first American engineer invited to Israel, Russia, and China to lecture electronic distributors, Joseph Federico warned of the dangers of the current counterfeit epidemic. Joseph Federico’s upcoming book, MISSION IMPOSTER (R) The Remedy to Detect Counterfeit Electronic Components, will enumerate and thoroughly examine those dangers.

Learn more about MISSION IMPOSTER at the NJMET website.

We invite you to view a short video introduction to our services and electronic component testing laboratory in Clifton, NJ. You can click on the video below or click here, to download and play the video on your computer. If you would like to view a slide version of the presentation, please click here.