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Joseph Federico, Clifton NJ

Joseph Federico is involved in a number of Volunteer and charity projects, both in his personal life and through his work at Clifton NJ based NJMET.  This is a list of some recent activities by Joseph Federico. For a bio of Joe's volunteer activites, see For more information about Joseph Federico's work at NJMET see

Assistance Efforts for Refugees in Sri Lanka

NJ MET's efforts to aid Sri Lankan refugees is headed by Joseph Federico, Director at NJ MET. The company has already sent its first shipment of supplies to Sri Lanka this year. Additional shipments will be made throughout the year. Click here for more information.

NJMET Sponsors Red Cross

NJ MET is renewing its sponsorship of the American Red Cross for a fourth year, Joseph Federico announced. The aid will help the Red Cross efforts in the Philippines. Click here to read more about NJMET's sponsorhip of American Red Cross.


Federico Production Videos

Joseph Federico announces the revamp of his Federico Productions Video Company as a non-profit to accommodate local and national charity organizations.

Services Offered by Joe Federico

  • commercial training videos
  • corporate video assignments
  • school plays
  • sporting events
  • dance recitals
  • commencement ceremonies.

For additional information, see Joseph Federico Announces Federico Productions Charity Organization

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